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Can you rope off your pitch? – The road to Wembley starts this weekend with the Extra Preliminary Round of the F.A. Cup

Posted: 17th August 2013

This weekend, the Extra Preliminary Round of the F.A. Cup will be played with 117 matches amongst teams from Step 6 and Step 5 of the F.A. National League system….


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‘No run’ or ‘No, run’? – The time I copied the pros and wish I hadn’t

Posted: 12th August 2013

This photograph, taken from the November 1964 edition of Playfair Cricket Monthly shows M.J.K. Smith hitting out. A prolific scorer of runs for Oxford University, Leicestershire, then Warwickshire and England,…


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‘If you’re as good as Hancocks and Mullen, you’re good’ – Remembering Wolves’ David Wagstaffe

Posted: 6th August 2013

Just heard the sad news of the passing of David Wagstaffe, a fine player from the 1960’s and 1970’s, seen above in an edition of GOAL magazine (#70 – January…


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Meeting one of the key 1960’s Hammers’ B’s – West Ham United’s Jack Burkett attends Stacey’s football auction

Posted: 1st August 2013

Anyone following football and anything to do with West Ham United in the 1960’s knew about the B’s. It seemed that managers Benny Fenton and then Ron Greenwood were only…


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